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Playoff Puck Picks

We’ve got another two-game slate on the night’s agenda, so let’s see who the best options are in tonight’s contests.

NHL Playoff Puck Picks

When formulating your winning roster you need some stars, bargains and contrarians. See your best options for tonight’s NHL games here.

DFS for Beginners: Who is Doing What?

When I was looking around the stat sheets, brainstorming, trying to come up with a topic for this week’s article, a few questions came to mind. The first thing I was curious about, “what...

Hang With Shannon Sharpe At The Pro Football Hall Of Fame

Unlike any other site in the DFS industry, FantasyDraft offers “Experience Contests” which provide access to retired and current professional athletes and allow winners to take part in great events with VIP access. These contests are...

DFS for Beginners: The Season Recap

The wild and unpredictable season of fantasy football is closing in on the end, fantasy baseball is soaking itself in rumors and craziness as we look ahead to a season of snow before it begins, while...