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Early NHL Season Trends And Stats

When you are playing Fantasy sports it would appear to be common sense that the better you know the league you are playing the more success you will have, but common sense and reality don’t always dance hand-in-hand.

Bankroll Management

It is important to stay disciplined with the amount of money you spend when playing DFS. Here are some tips to maximize your profits with bankroll management.

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Using Vegas Lines to Create a Lineup

Knowing the over/unders and spreads of games in a given slate can be useful. Many daily fantasy players check every single day to get Vegas’ perspective on the games. Typically you can gain certain pieces of information from looking at the lines and use them to your advantage

FantasyDraft 101

Cash Games Versus Tournaments

Though it would seem a lineup is just a lineup, there is a completely different strategy to creating lineups in “cash” contests as opposed to “tournaments.” First, it is important to know how to distinguish the two types of contests.

FantasyDraft 101

Setting your MLB Lineup

For those new to Daily Fantasy MLB, the first step to success is understanding the concept of how to build a roster. FantasyDraft has flexible MLB lineups.