Category: FantasyDraft 101

Basic Game Plan Analysis

Matchups are extremely important in daily fantasy. These are the fundamentals to setting competitive daily fantasy football lineups.

Using Basic MLB Pitching Stats

Understanding which pitchers to use on a nightly basis is based on statistics. Comprehension of the pitching aspect of daily fantasy baseball starts with a basic knowledge of how statistics play their part in helping determine the outcome for any given start.

Bankroll Management

It is important to stay disciplined with the amount of money you spend when playing DFS. Here are some tips to maximize your profits with bankroll management.

Lower Contest Fees

We like pie, but we’re taking a smaller slice and leaving more for you. Find out how you benefit from our lower contest fees.

FantasyDraft 101

Exploiting the MLB Scoring System is equipped with a unique scoring system for daily fantasy baseball. The strategy for setting lineups on FantasyDraft is slightly different as opposed to certain other sites.