Zen Moment: Enlightened DFS Picks for April 22

Week three winds to a finish with a cluster of aces taking the mound; however, because pitching depth in the Majors is so derelict, as with every day there are some contests that, at least on the surface, point to some lopsided scores in favor of the offense. However, with the great roster flexibility at FantasyDraft, there will be lots of potentially successful roster configurations

Luis Severino, Lance McCullers, and Corey Kluber top the heap on the hill with the bottom rung starters who should fear bats being Erik Skoglund, Caleb Smith, and Martin Perze, left-handers all.

Add in the weather looks to be stable, and precipitation free for the day suggesting that maybe some stability and routine are finally settling in with the Major League Schedule.


Corey Kluber (25,100):

It’s true, we went all in with the high priced spread, but not without reason. For one thing, Kluber comes with a wicked 2-1, 1.52 ERA with 33 strikeouts over 29.6 innings with a microscopic 0.742 WHIP. For another, Kluber faces the Orioles, among the worst hitting teams in the Majors against right-handers, batting a paltry .213 with 153 strikeouts accumulated this season. If there is a catch, the Indians, hitting .203, are even worse meaning runs might be scarce for both squads. However, the whiff and innings advantage still lies with Kluber.

Phil Hughes ($11,000):

There is always a gamble with fantasy pitchers, irrespective of format, and Hughes, who missed the bulk of 2017 makes his 2018 debut today against the Rays is certainly a crapshoot. There have been enough good (Drew Pommeranz) late debuts this season, and some awful (Alex Cobb) ones as well. So, Hughes does bring a bit of the unexpected to the hill today, but again, facing a team that struggles against righties, pitching gets the nod. Tampa comes in hitting .240, but with an anemic five homers over 413 at-bats with 107 punch-outs. Factoring Hughes has been largely effective at Tropicana (3.38 ERA, 30 K over 34.6 innings, 1.154 WHIP) that the pairing with the expensive Kluber works well in the totals column. And of course there is the Zen.


Mitch Haniger ($7600):

Those lefty/righty splits are always the thing to review first, and Haniger comes in facing Martin Perez, whose 13.14 ERA over just 12.3 innings registers as -4.05 FPPG. Right handed batters are clubbing Perez to the tune of .455 with four homers thus far, and Haniger, who logs in at a solid .290-5-17 with a .384 OBP as a total, is raking Southpaws at a .318-2-7 clip with a .400 OBP while averaging a strong 9.92 FPPG.

Joey Votto ($8400):

There are indeed some serious bats with low end price tags, and with his .246-0-5 start, the bargain behind Votto is easy to justify. But, before we dismiss the fine first sacker, his OBP the past week has kicked into overdrive (.381) and he is hitting .280 with four RBI against righties. Thus going up against Miles Mikolos (4.26 ERA, four homers allowed over 19 innings) who has allowed a .316 average, a pair of homers, and an .863 OPS to the left-handed sticks, gives Votto has a real chance to beef up his totals for the year.

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