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Welcome to the newest addition to FantasyDraft, “MAS47’s Starting Five.” In this article, I will be breaking down five things that you need to know about each slate. These topics will range from but are not limited to, narratives, chalk locks, fades, amazing matchups, terrible defenses, targetable games and much more. As you all know, every slate is a blank canvas and it will be my job to paint an appropriate picture.

It’s easy as ABC. 

So last week in the first article I published for FantasyDraft there was a lot of feedback (thank you for that) pouring into my inbox. Some good. Some bad. Obviously, I wanted to make a few adjustments in the article to improve some of the areas our readers felt needed improvement. At the top of that list was brevity. Readers didn’t want the information I provided to be quite as long-winded and more succinct and to the point. I’m going to do exactly that today and would love to hear what you thought of the new format compared to last Friday’s. So let’s not waste any more time on me, let’s talk about this very constrained 4-game slate.

Giannis Antetokounmpo, $19,000 on FantasyDraft, is in the best spot that I can remember all Season. Let me explain why… First, he is playing in the second closest spread of the night (not sure how this is possible). The Grizzlies are eight-point underdogs against the Milwaukee Bucks tonight. In the last two games the Bucks have played they got blown out. On March 9th against the Jazz, they lost 95-78. On March 10th against the Mavericks, they lost 114-80. So why does Vegas think this game will be any different? Regardless the reason, the experts I trust a lot think the game “The Alphabet” is playing in will be a competitive one.

Second, the matchup. Coming into this game the Grizzlies are ranked 23rd against opposing Power Forwards and 27th against opposing Small Forwards over the last two weeks. This is relevant because this is the time period that all of the Grizzlies players have been out (Chalmers, Harrison, Evans, and Conley). Finally, “The Greek Freak” is playing in the PERFECT game script tonight. Memphis has turned the ball over more than any team in the NBA over their last three games and missed the most shots. What does this mean? It means there will be a lot of loose balls and rebounds to be had. I can’t think of a better candidate to benefit than none other than Antetokounmpo. This is my favorite spend-up play of the slate (over Russell Westbrook as a close second).

Correlation at it’s finest. 

I just hopefully sold you on all of the reasons to start your roster construction with Giannis tonight. With that being said, we’re assuming one thing by rostering him. We’re assuming that Vegas is right. You can’t afford to spend that amount of salary, $19,000 on FantasyDraft, and not get fourth-quarter run. If that’s the case, you have to have some interest in the Grizzlies. I’m just going to keep targeting this guy until the industry opens their eyes. Dillon Brooks is less than 10% owned every single slate he’s on and I’m not sure why. Over the Grizzlies last three games he’s averaged a team-high 30.5% usage rate. I want to paint a picture here, Antetokounmpo is averaging a 28% usage rate for the Season. Yep. You read that right. Over the last week, Brooks has had a higher usage rate than one of the best players in the NBA. Why? It’s relatively simple. He’s the team’s best perimeter option and is the team’s developing Rookie. With every starting and backups ball-handler out again tonight, I’d fully expect Brooks workload to be the same.

The Big Three. 

Y’all are going to get sick of hearing me talk about this Memphis/Milwaukee game, but you have to take a stance in daily fantasy sports and this is mine tonight. I get it, it’s the lowest total on the slate (205), but frankly, I don’t care. It’s a four-game slate. You are somewhat boxed into a corner already, so why limit your options even more? Fish will just attack the highest total and “jam in” players every single night from that game. Sure, it’s viable sometimes, but you can’t attack all slates the same way. You get three Forwards/Centers on FantasyDraft and I’ve already given you two of them in the first two bullet points above. I’m going to go ahead and help you lock in all three.

You know where Milwaukee as a team ranks the worst defensively? If you’ve been playing DFS at all this Season you probably are familiar that the answer is against opposing big men. Tonight, Milwaukee gets a very respectable/capable foe in Marc Gasol. I want to admit here that I was scared off of him for his last game against Utah because of the matchup and because against Chicago three games ago he didn’t play one minute in the fourth quarter. That was obviously an anomaly because last game he came back in at the nine-minute mark and then was pulled because of the blowout. Following the game script I keep referring to, if this game is competitive, that would mean theoretically he would see 35 minutes tonight if his rotation is the exact same from last game. At 35 minutes against a team that ranks in the bottom five in the NBA against opposing Centers, I’m all-in on Gasol at a very fair price tag of $13,400 on FantasyDraft.

Brotherly Love. 

I might actually pull the trigger here tonight. I say might, I definitely am. Who am I kidding here? Pau Gasol has played 30+ minutes in the last three games that LaMarcus Aldridge has sat. I know, I know, you’re worried about Clint Capela defense. Well, I have good news for you. Just a week and a half ago Gasol matched up with Gobert (toughest defensive Center in the NBA) and scored 50 FantasyDraft points. If he can do it against Gobert, I can assure you, he can do it against Clint tonight. The line movement is indicating sharps like San Antonio to cover this 11-point spread. If San Antonio can keep this game competitive, it means Gasol has a huge night.

Last note here, in those last three games Gasol has lead the team in usage in all three of them. A lot of touches for Pau can be expected and at his price tag of $11,200 on FantasyDraft, it’s too cheap to ignore. I said “might” initially, the more I type/talk about it the more I get excited about rostering him.

Westbrook Trap Night

I think on sites where you have to take two Point Guards Russell Westbrook is still viable. On sites where you have positional flexibility, like FantasyDraft, this is one of the biggest traps of the slate. There are a few reasons why. It’s projected as the largest spread of the slate (-12.5) and the line is moving in the wrong direction here. If this game blows out, Westbrook will be the first to sit. The historical data with Westbrook against Sacramento might blow your minds. In the Thunder’s last three games (all this Season) Russell hasn’t exceeded 50 FantasyDraft points in any of them. Why? Fox is an extremely capable defender and one of the best in his Rookie class. I can’t get excited about this play knowing his ceiling is limited considering the historical data, the matchup and the risk of a blowout. For me, let the field fall into this trap tonight. This is a clear leverage spot for me in all formats. He’s the highest priced player on the slate, $20,800, and for me, that’s just too much of a sacrifice considering the negatives far outweighs the positives.

Sean Pfeiffer

Sean Pfeiffer

Sean Pfeiffer is the CEO and Founder of RotoRadar. He is a full-time daily fantasy sports Pro Analyst for RotoRadar that specializes in NBA and MLB. He took the leap of faith to pursue daily fantasy sports and RotoRadar full-time in August of 2015 and has never looked back. Previously he worked for ABC, FOX and ESPN as an anchor, on-air personality and producer. Pfeiffer assembled some of the largest names in the DFS industry in all sports providing insight daily on He has had numerous top 1% finishes over the last three NBA Seasons himself. In the 2015/16 NBA Season he had 19 top 1% finishes, in the 2016/17 NBA Season he had 23 top 1% finishes, and in the 2017/18 NBA Season he had 11 top 1% finishes (In progress). Every day Sean spends anywhere between 10 to 12 hours of research into the lineups that he plays and provides for his members. There's not many people who can say they watch every second of every game every night, but that's exactly what Sean and his wife Jenna do. If there's any edge to be found, Sean is going to find it. Don't miss a chance to invest in one of the best full-time DFS Pros in the industry. Personal Information: He welcomed the light of his life into his family on March 15, 2017 as his wife Jenna gave birth to his first-born daughter, Kiara Morgan. Sean is from Houston, Texas and currently resides in Colorado Springs. Follow him on Twitter @RotoRadarCEO.

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