Optima Fantasy Sports: Special Discount for FantasyDraft Players

Optima Sports Group has been working with professional sports teams for nearly two decades, helping them identify talent and develop Player Performance, Team Synergy, Team Culture, and Injury Propensity models.  Their unique approach and methodology has assisted three NFL teams in winning the Super Bowl, one team in winning an NBA Championship, and one team progressing to the MLS Cup.

Optima’s team of talented analysts, PhD, and data scientists have taken their vast experience working with professional sports teams and applied it to the daily fantasy sports arena. After working tirelessly for 2 years, Optima has developed a NFL DFS optimizer that is now fully integrated with FantasyDraft!

Optima’s NFL optimizer brings an unprecedented level of accuracy to the DFS industry. Their point projections have helped in the construction of winning lineups in countless DFS contests, consistently hitting the mark with their projections on a weekly basis.

NFL Optimizer

Upon entering the Optima Lineup Tool, all players are listed in Player Pool on the left half of the page.  Subscribers also have the ability to filter available players by specific positions if desired.  In addition, players may be sorted by different game slates.

On the right half of the page is the section called “My Lineup”.  This section will display the players you have selected for your lineup according to the FantasyDraft NFL roster requirements.


Optima Fantasy Sports utilizes proprietary algorithms to calculate a player’s projected fantasy points by incorporating an “opportunity” score, which weighs the likelihood of opportunities to score points.   This projected fantasy points value is listed in the Player Pool within the POP column (Projected Optima Points).  In addition, the $/POP calculation will assist in determining which players might offer the most “bang for the buck” when building your lineups.



Clicking on the green “+” sign will add the player into your lineup on the right within the appropriate positional slot.  Once the player is in your lineup, he can be removed by clicking on the red “” sign.  As you build your winning lineup, the optimizer tracks relevant information at the top such as Average POP of selected players, Average Salary Remaining Per Player, and Remaining Salary.

The power of the Optima Fantasy Sports Lineup Tool lies within the green OPTIMIZE button.  Clicking the button will allow our optimizer to automatically build out the rest of your lineup for you based on your remaining salary and positional needs, giving you the best chance at a winning combination based on our projections.  Click the padlock icon to “lock” certain players into your lineup who you know you want to keep.  Once complete, save your completed lineup(s) so you can enter and win all of your FantasyDraft contests!

You can visit Optima’s website at www.OptimaFantasySports.com to set up an account. After selecting Monthly or Annual subscription, be sure to enter the promo code: FANTASYDRAFT18.

The promo code will give all FantasyDraft users at a 50% discount from either the Monthly subscription (1st month only) or Annual subscription (best value!). After the registration process is complete, enter the Lineup Tool and click on the green “Create New” button to begin optimizing your winning lineups.

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