NFL Week 11 Cash Game Lock-down

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Last Week’s Lineup: 

Fell a little short last week.  I don’t have much of a problem with the lineup.  A late move off of Theilen and Tate ultimately cost me, but I felt getting to AJ Green was important.  I also thought that Chicago would be playing from ahead.  Ultimately, with a play like Jordan Howard in cash you need to be 100% sure they will be playing to the script you predict or you can end up with a back that just doesn’t get the volume you projected.  In hindsight, Hyde was probably the safer play as he is involved in the script whether the 49ers are ahead or behind.  We’ll get it back this week! J

Week 11 Picks:

Tom Brady ($13,700)

Fun facts you may not know. 1 – This game is in Mexico City.  2 – The Patriots stayed in Denver after last week’s game to stay at elevation.  Not that those are the reasons this is an insanely good play, just think its great to point out how sharp that organization is.  Very impressive. Do you know what does make this a great play?  Oakland is dead last in Football Outsiders DVOA Pass Ranks.  32/32. Meanwhile, Brady continues to be extremely efficient for our purposes, either throwing for 2+ TDs or 300 yards every week since that mysterious flop in Week 1.  Often times both.  He is going to tee off against this week secondary.

Others to consider: Alex Smith ($12,100), Drew Brees ($12,100), Ryan Fitzpatrick ($10,300)

Melvin Gordon ($13,600)

Speaking of efficient, we have the founding member of how to not be efficient with a ton of volume.  But it’s the volume that we love and it is coming against an extremely weak Buffalo run defense (31st DVOA) that is coming off giving up 5 rushing touchdowns to New Orleans backs and even one to Drew Brees if you’re keeping track of them all.  I know Austin Ekeler has cut into Gordon’s share lately, but he had 2 fumbles last week, one very costly that ultimately held the Chargers out of the win column.  I think Ekeler will still get a shot at redemption, but not until Gordon has securely put this game away for the Chargers this time.

Others to Consider: Kareem Hunt ($13,400), Alvin Kamara/Mark Ingram ($14,600), Chris Thompson ($11,200)

Michael Thomas ($13,800)

We’re playing the consistency angle here as we roll with Michael Thomas who has caught at least 7 balls from QB Drew Brees each of the last 4 weeks.  Thomas should avoid Norman for the most part as Tedd Ginn will be over dealing with that nightmare.  This game has the greatest potential on the slate to shoot out, even though the Saints defense has held up much better than a year ago.  Washington and Cousins are a step up from what they’ve seen the last few weeks.  If that happens Thomas becomes even more elite with the bump in targets from Brees being forced to throw to stay ahead.

Others to consider: Sterling Shepard ($12,900), Stefon Diggs ($11,900), Jarvis Landry ($12,400), Jeremy Maclin ($8,400)

Travis Kelce ($12,500)  

I’m going to keep this simple.  He’s going to be mega chalk.  As I’m sure you’ve seen all over twitter by this point, the Giants have given up a touchdown to the TE every single week this season.  All the Kelce.

Others to consider: Rob Gronkowski ($12,000), Zach Ertz ($12,100), Ben Watson ($5,200), Evan Engram ($12,000)

Good luck and be sure to check out for a full range of content to help you make sound investment decisions and build that bankroll!

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a contributor at You can find him on FantasyDraft as smithma3 and on Twitter @msmithwc

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