Cash Game Lockdown: NFL Week 4

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Last Week’s Lineup:

Sometimes you’re on point and make good decisions; sometimes you lose focus and reach when you don’t need to.  Luckily for me, I really liked the Thursday-Monday slate with Gurley and Hyde in the lineup, so I was still able to turn a profit on the week overall.  For the Main slate I definitely didn’t need to reach to put Rodgers with Monty and Adams in the same lineup.  If the TDs had gone to Monty and Adams obviously this lineup would have taken off, but it was too much reliance on one team when there’s also a high volume option like Jordy Nelson on the field.  With an option like Cousins at QB it would have been wise to pay down there.  I could have used the savings to upgrade to McCaffrey who I liked going into the week.  Another more balanced option could have been to keep Rodgers to soak up the Packers scoring and move off Monty and/or Adams.  Lesson learned – new week!


Week 4 Picks:

Trevor Siemian ($10,200)

True, Siemian hasn’t thrown for 300 yards yet this season.  Also true he faces an Oakland DEF that just got torched by Kirk Cousins on National Television and has given up 2+ TDs each of the last 2 weeks.  Siemian has looked very good so far this season and I like this Denver team a lot more when they are at home.  There’s always the risk that they get out to a solid lead and try to run out the clock at Mile High, but I think that comes after Siemian has what we need in the bank at this salary.

Others to consider: Deshaun Watson ($10,100), Dak Prescott ($11,700)

Kareem Hunt ($15,000)

I was tempted to just leave what I wrote last week right here, because the player hasn’t changed.  I understand that it took Hunt breaking a late run to hit value last week, and I thank him for that. But the fact that he wasn’t more involved is mind blowing.  He was averaging 8.8 yards/carry before he even broke off that run.  They will need to rely on the run game even more this week with Josh Norman in coverage and we should see a little more than 1 target out of the backfield for Kareem weekly.  I’m going to keep riding this one.

Others to Consider: Christian McCaffrey ($12,700), Dalvin Cook ($12,400), Carlos Hyde ($12,300), Joe Mixon ($10,600)

DeAndre Hopkins ($12,100)

I’ve talked a lot in this piece the first few weeks about volume.  Hopkins is averaging over 12 targets per game through 3 weeks.  I expect a close game with Tennessee which should keep this offense balanced throughout to create a nice safe floor for Hopkins with plenty of upside to carry us along our way to cashing.

Others to consider: A.J. Green ($16,300), Larry Fitzgerald ($11,400), Alshon Jeffery ($11,700)

Rob Gronkowski ($12,300)

I rarely pay up at TE, but is Gronk really even a tight end?  At $12.3k that puts him on par with receivers like Tyreek Hill and Dez Bryant.  Good receivers, but none with the type of consistent volume we see from Gronk.  Gronk has seen an average of 8 targets per week this season and found pay dirt each of the last 2 weeks en route to 20+ fantasy days. Carolina hasn’t proven to be susceptible to the TE yet this season, but they haven’t exactly faced murders row of TEs in George Kittle, Charles Clay and Coby Fleener.  That changes this week!

Others to consider: Zach Ertz ($12,000), Jared Cook ($6,600), Evan Engram ($5,900)


Good luck and be sure to check out for a full range of content to help you make sound investment decisions and build that bankroll!

Mark Smith

Mark Smith is a contributor at You can find him on FantasyDraft as smithma3 and on Twitter @msmithwc

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