Rounding the Bases: May 13

Welcome to Rounding the Bases for Tuesday, June 13th  , 2017. In this article, I will list my four top plays of the day, regardless of pricing. I know that typically content is given in tiered formats to give you options at different levels, and I will try my best, but I’m not going to force myself into that model.

To keep with the theme of baseball, I’ll list four players, from first to home, in increasing order of interest for me tonight. These guys may or may not be usable in all formats. I have become more of a tournament player over the last year, so that is where my mentality is normally at.

It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to get this out there, so there isn’t much to update on. Home Runs called this season: 9/19. With that said, here are my favorites today.


Ender Inciarte – ATL – $7,200

SINGLE: Congratulations if you managed to dodge the Stephen Strasburg bullet last night. The series of events that unfolded perfectly shows exactly why baseball is so exciting… and frustrating.

The Braves will be taking on Joe Ross tonight. Last time he took the mound, he pitched quite the game. His numbers on the year against lefties aren’t great, though: .408 wOBA, 34% fly ball rate and 38.5% hard contact. Inciarte hasn’t been producing with power like he did to star the year, but still has the tools to get the job done.

This isn’t a play I want to touch in cash games, but in tournaments, as we saw last night, there can be a ton of upside.


Robinson Cano – SEA – $8,400

DOUBLE: The Mariners came through with a monster game last night, and if recency bias teaches us anything, it is that we’ll see an increased ownership on them tonight.

Kyle Gibson is actually much worse against lefties than he is righties, mostly in the fly ball area. He’s allowing 40% fly balls and 40% hard contact from that side.

Robinson Cano is someone that doesn’t really need to be described. He’s been a solid hitter in the league for a long time now. The price on him is really low in my opinion, and I think he’s someone that I want to build around in my lineups tonight. I think he could certainly end up coming through with a big game, and should be considered in both formats.


Manny Machado – BAL – $8,100

TRIPLE: It hasn’t been a great year thus far for Manny Machado. We know he is better than this, and I’m expecting a turn around sooner rather than later. Tonight, he gets Derek Holland who can best be described as a mid to lower tier lefty.

His splits against righties are pretty bad: .381 wOBA, 44.7% fly ball rate and  44.4% hard contact rate. That’s, like, really bad.

This is one of those matchups we really like for a guy like Manny Machado [and Mark Trumbo and Trey Mancini for that matter]. I think he’s got a pretty solid chance at putting together a monster game tonight.


Charlie Blackmon – COL – $10,800

LONG BALL: Typically, we are looking for the Rockies when in Coors. PNC Park is not going to be confused with Coors any time soon. The good news: against lefties, Gerrit Cole can sure make this feel like Coors Field. His numbers on the year have been awful against left-handed bats: .385 wOBA, 36.2% fly ball rate and 42.8% hard contact. Those are very bad numbers.

The best thing about Charlie Blackmon is that he can put fantasy points on the board in so many different ways. His upside is through the roof, and I think his floor in this matchup is good as well. Tonight, we all need a little bit of Charlie Hustle in our lives.



I hope you enjoyed today’s Rounding the Bases. You can find more MLB content over at ReserchFantasy.

Nicholas Volinchak

Nicholas Volinchak

Nick has been playing fantasy sports for almost two decades. Starting off on sites like Sandbox in the mid to late 1990's, his love for all things fantasy became even greater when he found daily fantasy in 2012. Since then, he has expanded into multiple sports and has found a great deal of success in his endeavors. He is always willing to talk fantasy sports, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @researchandwin.

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