Rounding the Bases: May 16

Welcome to Rounding the Bases for Tuesday, May 16th  , 2017. In this article, I will list my four top plays of the day, regardless of pricing. I know that typically content is given in tiered formats to give you options at different levels, and I will try my best, but I’m not going to force myself into that model.

To keep with the theme of baseball, I’ll list four players, from first to home, in increasing order of interest for me tonight. These guys may or may not be usable in all formats. I have become more of a tournament player over the last year, so that is where my mentality is normally at.

Mike Trout managed to hit a long ball as our long ball, which breaks a fairly long streak since that took place. Corey Dickerson had a nice game as well. I’m still waiting on my first multi-homer breakdown of the year, so hopefully that will happen today. Home Runs called this season: 6/15 With that said, here are my favorites today.


Lorenzo Cain – KC – $8,000

SINGLE: Lorenzo Cain has one home run on the year, or else I would have considered moving him a little further up on the list tonight.

C.C. Sabathia is who will be opposing him tonight, and I think we can all agree that is a matchup Cain should win. If you look through his game logs, you’ll see someone who is a pretty consistent fantasy performer in Cain, so I think you can look at him in cash games as well.

I believe he’s got pretty solid upside against Sabathia who has been mediocre at best this year thus far. No one likes using the Royals anyway, so you can benefit from the low ownership as well.


Albert Pujols – LAA – $7,200

DOUBLE: Speaking of guy who should end up with low ownership tonight, Pujols fits that bill to a tee.

Derek Holland is not the best pitcher on this slate, giving up a 50% fly ball rate as well as a 42.4% hard contact rate. I know he’s long in the tooth, but that doesn’t mean he’s without the ability to come up with a big night. The long ball is definitely in play here tonight and it wouldn’t shock me one bit. The price is nice, the matchup is great and the ownership on FantasyDraft should be as well. I like the upside here.


Gary Sanchez – NYY – $8,800

TRIPLE: Jason Hammel is a pitcher I will have no qualms about picking on tonight. At his best, he’s average, and at his worst, he’s not even close to average.

Sanchez is what we know he is; we just haven’t seen it thus far this year. Hammel’s .436 wOBA and 36% hard hit rate against righties is something that should have Sanchez licking his chops. I’m willing to bet we’ll see one of the Yankees go deep tonight. While the chalk money would be on Aaron Judge, I don’t mind going the other route and taking the chance with another Yankees’ youngster in Sanchez.

Bryce Harper – WAS – $10,800

LONG BALL: I mentioned it last week when I suggested Mike Trout here, but I really don’t like just tossing the most expensive player in this slot and moving on. Yet, here we are again.

It’s not without good reason though. Chad Kuhl is giving up a .497 wOBA, 45.5% fly ball rate and 43.2% hard hit rate against lefties this year. I hope we are all on the same page in understanding that this is no normal lefty he is going up against. He should be extremely popular tonight, but Harper has the type of upside very few other players have, and as a result, is going to find his way into quite a few of my lineups once again tonight.
I hope you enjoyed today’s Rounding the Bases. You can find more MLB content over at ReserchFantasy.



Nicholas Volinchak

Nicholas Volinchak

Nick has been playing fantasy sports for almost two decades. Starting off on sites like Sandbox in the mid to late 1990's, his love for all things fantasy became even greater when he found daily fantasy in 2012. Since then, he has expanded into multiple sports and has found a great deal of success in his endeavors. He is always willing to talk fantasy sports, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @researchandwin.

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