Rounding the Bases: April 24

Welcome to Rounding the Bases for Monday, April 24th, 2017. In this article, I will list my four top plays of the day, regardless of pricing. I know that typically content is given in tiered formats to give you options at different levels, and I will try my best, but I’m not going to force myself into that model.

To keep with the theme of baseball, I’ll list four players, from first to home, in increasing order of interest for me tonight. These guys may or may not be usable in all formats. I have become more of a tournament player over the last year, so that is where my mentality is normally at.

Chris Davis didn’t come through with a home run on Thursday night, but overall, the picks put up good games, so at least we have that going for us. Home Runs for the Long Ball this season: 3/8 With that said, here are my favorites today.


Corey Dickerson – TB – $8,100

SINGLE: This slate really looks good for pitchers and hitters alike, so we should be in for a fun night. The Rays are in a good spot tonight, taking on Ubaldo Jiminez in Baltimore. Jiminez is a pitcher that can be a good or a bad thing, as we saw last time he pitched.

Tampa Bay can be a frustrating team as well, but they look good right now, and I’m not believing that Ubaldo Jiminez is a pitcher we want to stay away from. Jiminez is prone to getting in his own way, and if he starts to let too many players on base, he can unravel quickly.

Dickerson’s power upside is key here, and I love his upside in this matchup.


Nomar Mazara – TEX – $8,000

DOUBLE: There are games in both Coors and Chase Field tonight, so I think this game in Texas could fly a bit under the radar.

The Rangers will be facing off with Phil Hughes tonight, which is a great thing. I know we are dealing with a small sample size inevitably due for regression, but Hughes is sporting a .407 wOBA, 60.9% pull rate and a 60.9% hard hit rate against left-handed batters this year. He hasn’t been good for a while, anyway, so while those stats will regress, this isn’t a good pitcher struggling out of the gate.

Mazara is a quality hitter in the heart of the order, so this is a great opportunity to roll him out tonight. I’m expecting big things.


Brian Dozier – MIN – $10,200

TRIPLE: Dozier against a lefty is always a great way to start your roster off. With his price, and the fact that there are games in hitter’s parks like Coors, we could end up seeing very low ownership on him.

Dozier sports almost a .400 wOBA against left-handed pitching, which should make you rise up and pay attention. Oh, it also doesn’t hurt that he’s playing in Texas, which we already touched on above.

If you think Coors may end up being a trap, or just want to differentiate your lineup even further, Dozier will be the way to do it.

Jayson Werth – WAS – $9,600

LONG BALL: Jayson Werth has long been a guy we look at when he is going up against left-handed pitching. He’s just a monster against them. It only adds to things when he gets to face a low-tier one in a stadium like Coors.

Tyler Anderson has been, well, awful to say the least this year, and he has major problems against right-handed hitting. Through three starts, he’s managed a .395 wOBA, 37% fly ball rate and a 40.7% hard hit rate against righties. Two of those games have been outside of Coors Field, so I am willing to listen to what the data is saying, even with a small sample size.

I would expect Werth to be a popular option tonight, especially with his price being lower than many of his teammates, and I think he’s got a very strong chance of sending one or more out tonight.


I hope you enjoyed today’s Rounding the Bases. You can find more MLB content over at ReserchFantasy.

Nicholas Volinchak

Nicholas Volinchak

Nick has been playing fantasy sports for almost two decades. Starting off on sites like Sandbox in the mid to late 1990's, his love for all things fantasy became even greater when he found daily fantasy in 2012. Since then, he has expanded into multiple sports and has found a great deal of success in his endeavors. He is always willing to talk fantasy sports, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @researchandwin.

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