Seeking Value: March 17

Welcome back to another edition of Seeking Value in the FantasyDraft Locker Room. There are ten games on tonight’s slate, and there is plenty of action to go around, which should help us uncover some pretty nice value options. With all that said, let’s get on to my four favorites.


Rondae Hollis-Jefferson – SF – Brooklyn Nets – $7,800

RHJ seems under-priced by about $1k going into tonight’s game against the Celtics. I don’t know what Kenny Atkinson’s philosophy will be. We saw him sit Trevor Booker last night, just ‘cuz, so there’s always a risk he could be rested, though I would bet it will be Brook Lopez.

We saw where his ceiling was at last night. He came through with a nice double-double, and he contributed all across the board. With him needing just under 24 FantasyDraft  points to hit value tonight, I think he’ll end up being a pretty solid option in either format.

I’d put his likely output between 22-25 points, but there is always a chance he could do a little more, or a little less. Value isn’t exactly jumping off the page tonight, so I have no issue grabbing someone with a constant role on a team, no matter how bad it is.

Terry Rozier – PG –Boston Celtics – $6,000

I think there is little doubt that Rozier is the riskiest play on this list, and that could be saying something.

We know that Isiah Thomas will miss the next two games. That means that Avery Bradley and Marcus Smart [who if I was desiring to play things safer would have made the list instead at $9800] will see huge jumps in ownership and playing time.

Rozier most likely won’t. I’m not trying to play things safe here. Rozier is a guy who is not consistent on any level, ever.  He is a minimum priced player on a slate lacking attractive value, in a situation against a bad, bad, bad team that he could 3-4x value against tonight.

He isn’t someone you can look at in cash games at all. That’s just crazy. If you are looking for some extreme salary relief that can get you to that value threshold you want to plus in an extra stud or two in your lineup tonight, he could be an under-owned option.


Ish Smith – PG – Detroit Pistons – $8,000

It’s painful to watch the Pistons when Reggie Jackson is on the floor. It isn’t just this year either, it’s been like that for the last two years.

Ish has been getting around 22 minutes on average, though it does vary from 16-29 over the last ten games or so. His fantasy production as well has been all over the place. He’s been at 17 as a low and 39 as a high. It doesn’t get much more unpredictable than that.

I’m willing to take a look at him tonight against a Raptors team that can’t seem to put things together consistently as of late.  When Ish hits the floor, it’s energy, energy, energy. This usually kick starts the team into action, and is why he’s been able to carve this role out for himself.

Ish needs 24 FantasyDraft points to hit value tonight, which is worth noting as he’s only hit that mark twice in the last ten games. Both of those situations, though, saw him almost hit the 40-point mark. That’s upside I’ll look into on a night like this.

Nikola Mirotic – PF – Chicago Bulls – $8,500

Just when I thought I was out, they pull me back in. That’s how I am approaching Nikola Mirotic tonight. I know that the floor is going to fall out eventually, but with significant usage up in the air for the Bulls, I have to at least consider Mirotic.

In the two games since he’s been active again, he’s seen 27 and 41 FantasyDraft  point performances. That’s quite nice for the price. How do I see things going tonight? Well, assuming John Wall is in the lineup, I think the Bulls will probably get behind early, and have Mirotic in the game for his three point shooting as they try to play catch-up.

He’s a high ceiling tournament option, but the floor just isn’t safe enough for cash games.



I hope you enjoyed today’s value plays. You can find more NBA content, including projections, over at ResearchFantasy.

Nicholas Volinchak

Nicholas Volinchak

Nick has been playing fantasy sports for almost two decades. Starting off on sites like Sandbox in the mid to late 1990's, his love for all things fantasy became even greater when he found daily fantasy in 2012. Since then, he has expanded into multiple sports and has found a great deal of success in his endeavors. He is always willing to talk fantasy sports, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @researchandwin.

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