Seeking Value: March 8

Welcome back to another edition of Seeking Value in the FantasyDraft Locker Room. There are eleven games on tonight’s slate, and there is plenty of action to go around, which should help us uncover some pretty nice value options.

Tonight sets up to be a pretty strong slate. It is a little bit tough on value, so I’m going to put out a few guys that are risky, but do have some upside. With all that said, let’s get on to my four favorites.


Rodney Hood – SG – Utah Jazz – $9,200

 So far, Shelvin Mack and Derrick Favors have been ruled out. Joe Johnson is on the wrong side of questionable. George Hill has an issue with his toe that has sidelined him for multiple games already this season. Seems appropriate.

This is a big pace up game for the Jazz against a Houston team that scores in bunches, but isn’t the best defensive team in the league.  With those four off the floor, Hood’s usage goes from 23.7 to 24.9 – not exactly the jump we like to see. For what it’s worth, no one else sees much of a jump either.

There is a lot to like about Hood. He’s going to have to do more in the scoring department. He seems to come up with a steal or two. He’s going to keep turnovers to a minimum, and he’s going to knock down some three pointers.

He’s probably among the safer of the value plays tonight, but also carries decent upside. In a match-up like this, I would think we should be able to see a 23 FantasyDraft point floor, and likely a 35 FantasyDraft point ceiling. That’s going to have me buying in to him a lot tonight.


C.J. Miles – SF –Indiana Pacers – $7,800

 Miles is a guy who when he gets hot, you just need to keep your eye on him. I know that hot streaks are a highly debatable topic. Some believe in them, others just believe it’s a random act of players putting together good performances for several games in a row before the trend ending, but believe that to be total variance.

Whatever party you sit with, the reality is that C.J. Miles now has three straight strong fantasy performances, as well as two straight games with over 30 minutes played. He’s been far more effective than Monta Ellis, and if he’s doing what he’s doing, he should be in for some good fantasy performances.

What lends himself to the FantasyDraft format is his three-point shooting. He can put up games where he hits three points just from hitting the deep shot, which can really help your final score.

The Pistons don’t play at a quick pace, but I also think they are a team you can target without having to worry too much. Vegas thinks this game should be close, judging by the 3-point spread, and I think at this price, Miles is an excellent look in tournaments.


Nemanja Bjelica – PF – Minnesota Timberwolves – $7,800

 Gorgui Dieng has been struggling on offense since Zach LaVine has been gone. He had a really good rapport with him, and he just doesn’t have it with some of the other guys.  On paper, you’d think that Dieng would be necessary against a team that boasts Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan. I think there is a very good chance that he’ll be on the floor a lot.

I also believe the offensive funk will continue, and that will leave the door open for Bjelica. He’s been very strong over the past week or so. More than anything, his price just hasn’t caught up to what his upside could be. On a night where the value just isn’t there, I think a guy like Bjelica could very well be worth a look in tournaments.

He can do a little bit of everything. He’s got the potential for double-doubles, he’ll hit some three-pointers and he can even come through with a few blocks and steals. I think I’m good with using him in tournaments tonight on a loaded slate. If he’s able to come through with about 25 FantasyDraft points, he’ll be well worth it. I think it’s possible.


Jordan Crawford – SG – New Orleans Pelicans- $6,900

Right now, Jordan Crawford is averaging 30.25 FantasyDraft points. He’s a bargain for just $6,900! OK, granted, it was just one game. Yes, it was his first game back in the Association in well over a year. Sure, he’s only on a ten-game contract. I guess I’m not really enforcing my point here. Let me go a different route.

The Pelicans don’t have a great bench. E’Twaun Moore is decent in spots, but isn’t as good of a scorer in my opinion than Crawford. I don’t really know what else to say about the best of the bench. I guess the fact that Jordan Crawford can come in and be in the sixth man conversation right away says it all.

He’s not going to hesitate to try to score. This can be a good or bad thing. If his shot is off, his fantasy value is totally gone. That’s what you get on a night like tonight, though. I don’t think my exposure if going to be massive to him, but he could be worth a look in tournaments if you really love some of the higher dollar plays [and you should today] and need someone at this price to plug in to your lineups.


I hope you enjoyed today’s value plays. You can find more NBA content, including projections, over at ResearchFantasy.

Nicholas Volinchak

Nicholas Volinchak

Nick has been playing fantasy sports for almost two decades. Starting off on sites like Sandbox in the mid to late 1990's, his love for all things fantasy became even greater when he found daily fantasy in 2012. Since then, he has expanded into multiple sports and has found a great deal of success in his endeavors. He is always willing to talk fantasy sports, so feel free to reach out to him on Twitter at @researchandwin.

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