Today’s NHL Plays 1/23/16

It is a beautiful day for DFS Hockey. Up and down the North East Coast there are bitter temperatures, snow or both. In Virginia they have 15″ going on to 30″ of powder and New York City is looking over its shoulder like a forward in the corner waiting and wondering how bad they are going to be blasted. In Boston they are looking at the storm (and the goal friendly Columbus Blue Jackets) with empathy and a glimmer of “I told you so” because it looks like they may get a much needed W and a relief from a big storm for once.

We have a pretty full slate of NHL games, so lets look at the matchups and plays for Saturday, January 23.

A good place to start is always the teams that are scoring a lot and scoring very little. It helps you targets your scorers and most importantly your goalies.

At Team-G, the Arizona Coyotes ($14,400), Edmonton Oilers ($14,800), Anaheim Ducks ($16,100), Blue Jackets ($16,100) and Toronto Maple Leafs ($16,400) are the cheapest, suggesting that those are the best targets for goals.

Over the last six weeks the Blue Jackets have allowed the most goals in hockey (72 goals in 19 games), the Oilers (vs. Predators) fourth most (59 goals in 20 games), the Canadiens the sixth most (56 goals in 23 games) the Maple Leafs (vs. Canadiens) 13th (49 goals in 17 games), the Coyotes (vs. Kings) 14th (48 goals in 18 games) and the Ducks (at Red Wings) have actually allowed the second fewest (37 goals in 17 games), which has me reluctant to stack against them regardless of what the price tag is creaming at me.

It looks like Joonas Korpisalo is going get the start in Boston and while he has only allowed eight goals in his last six starts, its impossible to ignore that the Blue Jackets have allowed a monstrous 72 goals in their last 19 games.

Here are some Bruins you should strongly consider stacking today.

Patrice Bergeron ($15,500) and Brad Marchand ($13.200) have a combined six goals, one assist and 23 shots in their last three games. If you want to take on some affordable risk look at David Krejci ($12,100). Early in the season he was priced in the same neighborhood as Bergeron, but recently he missed 10 games with an upper-body injury. He returned Thursday and managed 18:44 minutes of ice time. Two weeks from now he should be closer to $14,000, so in a friendly match up he looks like a risk worth taking. I am not recommending any Bruins defenseman today or for the foreseeable future, but if you want to purely play the match up, Torey Kruig ($12,000) is your scorer while Zdano Chara ($10,600) is more affordable.

Stack of the Day:

Patrice Bergeron ($15,500) and Brad Marchand ($13,200)

Match up Play of the Day

David Krejci ($12,100): Matchup play of the Day

 The most confusing match up of the day is the Maple Leafs versus the Canadiens. The last six weeks the Canadiens have allowed 56 goals while the Leafs have allowed 49 (105 total goals) in a combined 35 games, which suggests some big time scoring could be possible. However, I am sneaky optimistic about James Reimer putting together a strong effort against a Canadiens offense that ranks last in scoring over that same period. With Carey Price out Mike Condon is getting a little bit exposed (he has lost four straight) but the Leafs have averaged just over one goal per game in their last seven. With this one I would go with the Team G. The Canadiens ($17,500) are reasonably priced while James Reimer and the Maple Leafs ($16,400) are a bargain. Both of these teams are struggling and the numbers are conflicting, but if you want to save $4,000-$5,000 at Team G to load up on offensive players, these are good risks.

Team G Bargain Goalie of the Day:

James Reimer/Maple Leafs ($16,400)

Window Shopping

 Bargains, Affordables and Living Rich:

I would like to take advantage of the sweet match ups versus the Jets and Oilers because they have been allowing so many goals recently but it’s difficult to find a Devil or a Predator to be enthused about. That leaves me with a few select plays and then I have to go chalk. The Stars are a scoring machine and the Avalanche has allowed at least two goals per game in their last seven.

Anze Kopitar ($12,600) @Arizona Coyotes

 The Kings are one of the best teams in the NHL and they get the somewhat goal-friendly Coyotes tonight. Anze Kopitar ($12,600) has three goals and seven assists in his last six games. Its difficult to imagine a scenario where he doesn’t finish with at least a goal or an assist and it could be a 2-3 point night for him. He is cheaper than the best centers and he is as hot as anyone. Ride him today while the riding is good.

Brock Nelson ($9,900) vs. Flyers

Nelson has been one of my go-to bargains this season and he has four goals and an assist in his last five games. When you see a hot player with a nine to start his salary its difficult to pass up. The Flyers have been stingy about allowing goals the last six weeks, but his price tag is too good for me to be scared off.


Tyler Seguin ($17,000), Jamie Benn ($17,900), Patrick Sharp ($14,500) vs. Colorado Avalanche

Seguin averages 12.12 Fantasy Points Per Game while Benn averages 11.95. Seguin only has two goals and one assist in his last six games while Benn three goals and two assists in those same six contests. Colorado allows goals and Seguin and Benn light the lamp a lot, even if Seguin has been a little lukewarm of late. I can’t blame you if your budget won’t allow both and if that’s the case go with Benn and sit the cooler Seguin, but this is a match up that you want some shares in and a mini-stack if not more is a good play here. You won’t be available to afford all three so don’t be afraid to go with Patrick Sharp (five goals, eight assists in last 14 games) who has played well instead of Seguin as an option as well.

John Klingberg ($12,300) vs. Colorado Avalanche

Klingberg was on fire to end the year and to start the new one (one goal and five assists in 5 games) but he has gone cold recently. The match up is a great one and the price is reasonable (sixth highest priced defenseman).

Kyle Palmieri ($10,700) @ Winnipeg Jets

Palmieri has three goals and an assist in his last three games and he faces the goal friendly Winnipeg Jets who have allowed an average of three goals per game over their previous six. His price isn’t a bargain, but it isn’t expensive either. I would like more shares in this one against the Jets, but the Predators aren’t a chest of goal when it comes to hitting the back of the net so its Palmieri alone today.

Tobias Rieder ($9,500) vs. Los Angeles Kings

Rieder is an interesting play because while he won’t light it up on the point sheets, he gets his fair share of shots on goal and he even blocks some shots, a hidden place for value. He has a Nine next to his salary and we like that here. Starting him should allow you to stack the Bruins or the Stars tonight and that alone makes Rieder a smart play.

Good Luck everybody and enjoy DFS Hockey in the blustery conditions on a day when we have no football.

Chris Mitchell

Chris Mitchell

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