T.Y. Hilton VIP Experience

FantasyDraft winner John Ewing brought his wife Brittany to the T.Y. Hilton experience in Indy. Take a look at some highlights from their trip.


After a strong pre-game it was time to watch T.Y and Indy take on Tennessee.


Amazing seats at the game. Go T.Y.!!!

Every FantasyDraft experience needs some great local eats. Can’t go wrong with the Tacos at Bakersfield!


The next day they went to Dave & Busters to game with THE GHOST… Oh and by the way, T.Y. did not take it easy on ’em.  His pop-a-shot game is incredible.

Skee Ball was Brittany’s game of choice… Pretty much every game at D&B was T.Y.’s game of choice.

Thanks T.Y and Indy for an amazing time!

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  1. Kyle says:

    Looks like they had a great time. I bet T.Y. is really good at Mario Kart too!

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