Rotogrinders Winners Meet T.Y.

Brett Kamann & Josh Hermann “grinded” their way to the T.Y. Hilton experience in Indy. After winning Rotogrinders-exclusive contests on FantasyDraft, they each brought a guest for a weekend of fun in Indy. The trip included airfare, hotel, food, drinks, premium seats to watch the Colts take on the Titans, and a private party to game with T.Y. at Dave & Busters.

Winners with T.Y.


In order to fully enjoy the game, our guests needed a proper pregame!


Brett’s guest Kyle just “stylin’ and profilin'” while contemplating how many fantasy points Frank the Tank will tally.


Everyone set their lineups before the game so they could enjoy fantasy & reality football at the same time.



After the game, the group went to Kilroy’s and set a record for cheesy bread stick consumption.



The next day, the fellas met up with T.Y. at Dave & Busters.  The competition was getting heated!


T.Y. is definitely one of the nicest guys in the NFL.  He got the nickname “The Ghost” because he is so fast on the field, that once defenders think they see him – he disappears.  Fortunately our camera was able to catch a few pics of “The Ghost” and the winners.

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The ghost was incredible at pretty much every game in Dave & Busters.  Josh was able to uncover one weakness: the air hockey table.



Thanks T.Y. and Indy for a great experience!  Keep an eye out for some awesome NBA, NHL, & MLB experience contests coming up, including Chris Bosh, Tony Parker and Jeremy Roenick.  Follow @FantasyDraft on Twitter or like us on Facebook to be the first to know.

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