London Fletcher VIP Experience

London Fletcher experience winner John Stokes brought his brother Ricardo with him to D.C. for the trip of a lifetime.  The trip included airfare, hotel, food, drinks as well as premium seats at the game with London himself.  Here are a few highlights of what a $3 contest entry can win you on FantasyDraft.


Our guests stayed at the W hotel, where they enjoyed a mix of style, class, and a rooftop lounge with an amazing view.  Don’t worry, we made sure the room had WiFi so they could get their lineups in on FantasyDraft.

The W Hotel DC



Talk about crossing items off your bucket list – John and Ric in front of the White House.

JJ and Ric


Of course if you are in the nation’s capital, you need some authentic D.C. flavor! Heading into Ben’s Chili Bowl with London.

Ben's Chili Bowl


Tailgating before the game with London.

Tailgate pic


John and Ric on the field getting ready for Monday Night Football!

Before the Game


Oh, the perks of hanging around celebrity athletes.


It was great running into Ovie! Alex Ovechkin supporting his local team, and hanging out watching the game in the suite.


Let’s goooooooo!!! Enjoying the game with London, and missing on some high fives in the process.


Thanks London for an amazing experience!

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  1. Kevin Choe says:

    Guys – that is so awesome. Who was in your lineup that won you the contest? I am going to enter the rest of these now that I see how cool they are.

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