Players to Avoid in Week 14: Spare Bryant

Daily fantasy football isn’t all about who you are going to use. Sometimes it’s just as important to determine who you aren’t going to use. That way, if the salary happens to fit for your last spot, you’ll know which names to disregard in order to produce the greatest overall fantasy point output. Here are the guys to cross off your list heading into the 14th week of the NFL season.

Aaron Rodgers, Packers, $13,300 – I can’t just draft Aaron Rodgers every week? In concurrence with the aforementioned article written in the preseason, it’s one of those weeks where using Rodgers simply isn’t a smart play. He is priced as QB3 for week 14 yet he faces a defense allowing the eighth fewest fantasy points to opposing quarterbacks (QBs). Rodgers has yet to score 38 fantasy points through 12 games this season yet three QBs alone scored 38-plus last week. Only four times has Rodgers scored 25-plus fantasy points meaning 75 percent of his outings have been disappointing considering he’s consistently priced in the top three at the position. Again the price just seems to outweigh the likely production as there’s just something slightly off about the Packers offense this season. Looking for an upper-echelon QB in your lineup? Target Carson Palmer at home versus the Vikings instead.

David Cobb, Titans, $6,400 – David Cobb began the process of carving out his role as the lead back in the Titans backfield last week as he carried the ball a career high 13 times. He still was forced to compete with the incumbent Antonio Andrews who also attempted exactly 13 rushes. If you believe the progression will continue then rostering a back who could touch the ball 15-plus times this week makes a lot of sense at only $6,400, right? Against any other defense the answer would probably be yes but the Jets have only allowed one rushing score to opposing running backs (RBs) this season. They also have allowed the third fewest fantasy points per game to the position. Cobb has yet to catch a pass in three games which severely limits his upside as-is so if he’s just going to attempt to run into a brick wall…well…the brick wall is going to win. Unless he manages an incredibly cheap, lucky touchdown (TD), he is not going to produce a point total worthy of rostering in any format.

Martavis Bryant, Steelers, $10,600 – Potential is just oozing out of Martavis Bryant and he’s enticing to roster every week due to his “take the top off of the defense” style. All it takes is one play for the defender to fall down or for him to just straight outrun a cornerback in order to turn out a productive fantasy outing. One play. So arguing against him is a difficult proposition because it assumes he will not be able to make one game-changing play throughout the course of a 60 minute football game. The Bengals have only allowed 444 yards passing in the past two games and have allowed the 10th fewest fantasy points to the wide receiver (WR) position. According to Football Outsiders, the Bengals are only allowing 40.4 yards per game to opposing team’s second WRs, meaning there isn’t a whole lot of upside to Bryant’s matchup…unless he breaks a long one. I don’t think this is the week he gets behind the defense and therefore there is little motivation to roster him.

Ted Ginn Jr., Panthers, $7,400 – Nearly everything in the previous tidbit applies to Ted Ginn Jr. with slight alterations. For one, the Atlanta Falcons allow the second fewest fantasy points to the position so they are even stouter than the Bengals. Secondly, Ginn certainly is the definition of an all-or-nothing option but there is one giant difference between him and Bryant: he is not a very good receiver and Bryant, well, is. Ginn has been plagued by drops throughout his whole career and it was never more evident than this past Sunday when he dropped two Cam Newton bombs that both would have been long TDs. On the season, Ginn has dropped eight passes which is tied for third in the league behind only Amari Cooper and Mike Evans. With a difficult matchup on the horizon, Ginn is just impossible to trust because even if Newton lays the ball into his hands perfectly, it’s a toss-up as to whether or not he catches it. The good news is he should continue to see a healthy amount of targets (71 so far this season) but his sub-50 percent conversion rate will not translate into a monster outing against the Falcons. Avoid him at all costs.

Jason Witten, Cowboys, $8,400 – Here’s your weekly reminder that none of the Dallas QB situation stinks without Tony Romo. It’s sad because when was the last time Jason Witten suffered through a streak of four consecutive weeks without reaching double-digit fantasy points? In fact, Witten has registered double-digits just twice since week three! Sad does not accurately describe the feeling of watching the mighty fall…and Romo played in weeks 11 and part of week 12! Witten is fading out of the offense with or without the captain and his upside at this point seems like five catches for 40 yards-ish. Even at the diminished price, there’s just not any profit to be had as a slow, move-the-chains type role player with a horrific QB.

Ricky Sanders

Ricky Sanders

Ricky Sanders is a fantasy sports expert with over 15 years of playing experience. After starting several freelance fantasy sports blogs, Ricky moved up in the fantasy industry when he joined Going9 Baseball. He wrote fantasy baseball content and had a weekly radio spot on the site’s SiriusXM Satellite Radio show. Shortly thereafter, in early 2013, Ricky joined RotoExperts as a three-sport fantasy contributor, eventually becoming one of the site’s lead basketball writers. While writing for RotoExperts, Ricky was introduced to daily fantasy sports and immediately fell in love. With help from some of his mentors, some of the best DFS players in the world, he honed his skills and became the daily fantasy expert he is today. When RotoExperts created a daily-focused website called, Ricky was brought on as one of the main contributors. He still makes frequent appearances on the RotoExperts SiriusXM Radio show and on the FNTSY Sports Television Network, talking daily fantasy sports. He also continues to write for a few DFS content sites: RotoCurve and The Fantasy Fix. Ricky is a proud and active member of the Fantasy Sports Writers Association. He has agreed to be a writer and representative for the FantasyDraft brand and serves as an ambassador to the site. He has no more access to the site than the typical user. Don’t hesitate to contact Ricky with questions on Twitter @RSandersDFS.

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