NFL Featured Contest Recap: Week 13

After week 13, the NFL playoff picture isn’t looking any clearer.

The Vikings had a golden opportunity to keep the Packers behind them in the NFC North, but allowed Russell Wilson to go off again(!) for four touchdowns. Tyrod Taylor threw for 211 yards and three TDs to beat the Texans, while Ben Roethlisberger and the Steelers trounced the Colts, keeping them ties for first in the AFC South. As bad as the Jaguars have been, they’re only 2 games back. Matt Ryan threw a late interception and are now tied with the Bucs, but Jameis Winston and company have momentum and control their own destiny.

And the play in the NFC East…

NFC East lol

But let’s look on to something more pleasant, our winners. 31.8% of entries were in the PayoutZone in our featured contests  34.2% of entries cashed in the$150K Run & Gun, 30.7% in the $40K Smash Mouth, 32.3% in the $30K Wishbone and 28.5% in the $8K Wildcat.

 $150K Run & Gun

Celebrate, MMalaise! This lineup wins MMalaise $15,000. Hopefully the celebration is better than this, though:

MMalaise Lineup

$40K Smash Mouth

Though the Tom Brady didn’t get the win, he helped Eagles3590 grab the first-place prize this here, and in the Wishbone. And judging by the username, the Philly win made this victory a little sweeter.

eagles3590 lineup

$8K Wildcat

Stacking Cam Newton and Greg Olsen was a good moveWith his five touchdowns, Nappynate is sure to be dabbin’ at home.

nappynate lineup

We have more fun contests up for week 14. Head to the contest lobby to get in the action.

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