NFL Featured Contest Recap: Week Twelve

Week 12 went according to no one’s plans.

DeAndre Hopkins struggled with only 36 yards against the Saints’ defense, who have had a hard time stopping scores through the air for most of the season. At age 40, Matt Hasselbeck picked up his fourth victory as a starter for the Colts this year. Lamar Miller put up just two rushing yards against the Jets. Two.

The Giants had a chance to take command of the NFC East, but did nothing through three quarters and just gave Washington the game. C.J. Anderson ran wild through the New England secondary for 34.30 fantasy points and the game-winning TD.

After dominating on Thanksgiving and watching the Patriots fall in OT, there is only one undefeated team. Just who everyone expected at the beginning of the season…

Let’s take a look at this week’s winners. 31.7% of entries were in the PayoutZone in our featured contests  34.6% of entries cashed in the$150K Run & Gun, 30.5% in the $40K Smash Mouth, 30.9% in the $30K Wishbone and 29.6% in the $8K Wildcat.

$150K Run & Gun

Bravo, Jimarch003! Most of the week’s top scorers were in this lineup, including Russell Wilson and Doug Baldwin. Their three connections helped Jimarch003 collect a cool $10,000.

jimarch003 lineup

$40K Smash Mouth

Great picks, Glfer17! The receivers here did the heavy lifting with 158.6 of the 234.88 fantasy points.

glfer17 lineup

But the winning didn’t stop there. Glfer17 finished in the top spot in the Wishbone as well. Here’s that lineup:

glfer17 lineup 2

Suggestion: A username change to Football17 or something. It would be more fitting.

$8K Wildcat

Nice job, Bobray! Things looked bleak early with Eli Manning throwing three quick interceptions. But he turned things around along with Odell Beckham Jr. and others to help Bobray squeak out the 3 point win. Enjoy the first place prize!

bobray lineup

Congrats to everyone who landed in the PayoutZone!

We have some exciting contests lined up for week 13. Head over to the contest lobby to get in the action.

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