NFL Featured Contest Recap: Week Four

How bizarre was week four?

It seemed as if the reliable fantasy studs like A.J. Green, Julio Jones, and Keenan Allen stepped out of the spotlight and let other players shine. Tavon Austin hauled in his first two TDs of the season and had almost as many fantasy points in week four as he did in one through three. Devonta Freeman nearly duplicated his week 3 output with three more touchdowns and 37.90 fantasy points.

Don’t sleep on Allen Hurns. While 5.86 percent of people in the Run & Gun believed, it might be time for everyone to get better acquainted with the Jaguars receiver who has no less than 60 yards per game and might be Blake Bortles’ new go-to guy. We can’t overlook Toddy Gurley either, who put up 21.10 points in just his second NFL game. 

But now that week four is completed, we can applaud more winners! In our featured contests, 42.3% of entrants found themselves in the PayoutZone — 45% of entries cashed in the $250K Run & Gun, 44.6% in the $100K Shotgun, 44.9% in the $50K Wishbone and 31.9% in the $10K Wildcat.


Congrats to BKrunk!

This is a live look-in at BKrunk, who was the top dog in *LeBron James voice* “not one, not two, not three…” but ALL FOUR of our featured contests:

Shmurda dance

Well, probably this, since the winnings totaled $32,250:

John Brown TD Dance

Great job! Very solid picks. Take a look at the lineup that claimed all the first place prizes below:

BKrunk Lineup

Congrats to the over 2,500 users who landed in the PayoutZone this week!

Ready to get in on the week 5 action? Head over to our Contest Lobby and start drafting!

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