NFL Featured Contest Recap – Week Three

Week three of the NFL season was all about the pass-catchers. Young receivers like A.J. Green, Keenan Allen, Julio Jones and Randall Cobb led a lot of people to the PayoutZone, earning no less than 35 fantasy points each. But don’t sleep on the vets. As a matter-of-fact, they showed us that like fine wines, some players just get better with age… Larry Fitzgerald, Steve Smith Sr. and Greg Olsen each had 100+ receiving yards and found the end zone twice.

In our featured contests, over 40% of entries landed in the PayoutZone — 41.7% of entries cashed in the $250K Run & Gun, 42.2% in the $100K Shotgun, 43.4% in the $50K Wishbone and 30.7% in the $10K Wildcat.

Here are the winning lineups:

$250K Run & Gun

TheSanction was a double winner, coming from 17 spots down to grab first place in the Run & Gun and the $10K WildcatHonestly, it would be nice if TheSanction used some of that cash to send Cobb a fruit basket, he earned it.

TheSanction Lineup


$100K Shotgun

Nice lineup, 704FSports! Not a bad pick in the bunch. But we see 704FSports likes life on the edge. Living (read: sweating nervously) in the PayoutZone from Sunday night is risky, but it paid off.

704FSports Lineup


$50K Wishbone

AirCanada1555 soared with the Cardinals’ defense and Cam “Superman” Newton to the top of the standings as the only player to eclipse 300 fantasy points this week. Nice job!

AirCanada1555 Lineup


Congratulations to all of our Week 3 winners!

FantasyDraft Tip: Draft someone reliable for Monday night. Always get that last-game insurance player.  It will be the difference between you spending the night like this:

relax gif

or this:

nervous gif

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