Bradford, Lacy, Jones Lead Most-Drafted

With tonight’s Monday Night football games still to come, the $250,000 Run & Gun contest is shaping up to be a close one. We know percent drafted is an important figure so we pulled the stats for each player drafted in the Run & Gun and listed them below.

We’re constantly working to improve FantasyDraft, as part of that we’ll be adding the Percentage Drafted detail to our contests in a future release during the 2015 NFL season.


Pretty tight grouping on the signal-callers. 16 QBs accounted for nearly 94% of entries in this contest. Sam Bradford and Matt Ryan both play tonight on Monday Night Football, so we’ll know soon if their popularity was warranted.

To the one person was who drafted Logan Thomas as their QB… don’t worry, your secret’s safe with us.

Player (team) % Owned
Sam Bradford (PHI) 18.65%
Matt Ryan (ATL) 15.69%
Aaron Rodgers (GB) 11.09%
Tony Romo (DAL) 10.00%
Ryan Tannehill (MIA) 6.14%
Carson Palmer (ARI) 5.30%
Tyrod Taylor (BUF) 5.24%
Eli Manning (NYG) 4.10%
Matthew Stafford (DET) 2.94%
Peyton Manning (DEN) 2.54%
Drew Brees (NO) 2.35%
Andrew Luck (IND) 2.24%
Andy Dalton (CIN) 2.21%
Kirk Cousins (WAS) 1.99%
Russell Wilson (SEA) 1.69%
Cam Newton (CAR) 1.49%

Running Backs

Because of FantasyDraft’s flexible lineups — and our two FLEX positions — roughly 97% of the entries carried three running backs. Eddie Lacy barely edged Chris Ivory in this category, but on the field through Sunday’s action Matt Forte was the top RB with 30.60 FPs, with Chris Ivory second with 23.00. Several of these top backs — including DeMarco Murray and Adrian Peterson — play tonight.

Player (team) % Owned
Eddie Lacy (GB) 32.07%
Chris Ivory (NYJ) 31.52%
Doug Martin (TB) 28.65%
DeMarco Murray (PHI) 24.66%
Lamar Miller (MIA) 22.99%
Adrian Peterson (MIN) 18.57%
Jeremy Hill (CIN) 15.26%
Benny Cunningham (STL) 11.14%
Justin Forsett (BAL) 11.00%
C.J. Anderson (DEN) 10.13%
Jonathan Stewart (CAR) 8.15%
Mark Ingram (NO) 7.76%
Ameer Abdullah (DET) 7.43%
Matt Forte (CHI) 5.87%
Andre Ellington (ARI) 5.26%
Danny Woodhead (SD) 4.49%
Tevin Coleman (ATL) 4.16%
Carlos Hyde (SF) 4.12%
Jamaal Charles (KC) 3.97%
Latavius Murray (OAK) 3.44%
Darren Sproles (PHI) 3.02%
Marshawn Lynch (SEA) 2.94%
Rashad Jennings (NYG) 2.74%
LeSean McCoy (BUF) 2.26%
Frank Gore (IND) 1.86%
Giovani Bernard (CIN) 1.71%
Ryan Mathews (PHI) 1.47%
Isaiah Crowell (CLE) 1.42%
Darren McFadden (DAL) 1.38%
Joseph Randle (DAL) 1.38%
Alfred Morris (WAS) 1.10%
T.J. Yeldon (JAX) 1.03%
Joique Bell (DET) 1.01%

Wide Receiver

Even more popular than running backs are the receivers, and Julio Jones topped the list. We’ll get to see him in action tonight against the Eagles.

Jarvis Landry — the second-most drafted back — had a solid Sunday, accounting for 2 TDs and 21.10 fantasy points.

Player (team) % Owned
Julio Jones (ATL) 28.63%
Jarvis Landry (MIA) 23.21%
John Brown (ARI) 21.07%
Dez Bryant (DAL) 18.85%
Jordan Matthews (PHI) 18.54%
Odell Beckham Jr. (NYG) 14.38%
A.J. Green (CIN) 14.23%
Stevie Johnson (SD) 13.52%
Brandin Cooks (NO) 11.60%
Calvin Johnson (DET) 9.54%
Davante Adams (GB) 8.92%
Eddie Royal (CHI) 7.39%
Allen Robinson (JAX) 7.04%
Nelson Agholor (PHI) 7.01%
Demaryius Thomas (DEN) 6.51%
Randall Cobb (GB) 6.36%
Golden Tate (DET) 5.52%
Vincent Jackson (TB) 5.37%
Rueben Randle (NYG) 4.69%
Terrance Williams (DAL) 4.58%
Larry Fitzgerald (ARI) 4.03%
Andre Johnson (IND) 3.88%
Charles Johnson (MIN) 3.35%
Amari Cooper (OAK) 3.24%
Steve Smith Sr. (BAL) 2.98%
T.Y. Hilton (IND) 2.89%
Jeremy Maclin (KC) 2.39%
Kendall Wright (TEN) 2.24%
DeAndre Hopkins (HOU) 2.08%
Emmanuel Sanders (DEN) 1.95%
Leonard Hankerson (ATL) 1.84%
Kamar Aiken (BAL) 1.69%
Keenan Allen (SD) 1.64%
Brandon Marshall (NYJ) 1.56%
Brandon Coleman (NO) 1.53%
Roddy White (ATL) 1.27%
James Jones (GB) 1.23%
Tyler Lockett (SEA) 1.18%
Kenny Stills (MIA) 1.10%

Tight End

Tight ends were barely used in a Flex position, with only 11 out of 100 entries carrying more than one of these players.

None of the top percentage-drafted TEs had a great day on Sunday, with only Jason Witten (#5 percent owned) in the top five for fantasy points.

Player (team) % Owned
Martellus Bennett (CHI) 25.58%
Greg Olsen (CAR) 17.47%
Delanie Walker (TEN) 9.25%
Jordan Reed (WAS) 7.76%
Jason Witten (DAL) 7.63%
Jimmy Graham (SEA) 6.51%
Richard Rodgers (GB) 5.04%
Owen Daniels (DEN) 4.71%
Jordan Cameron (MIA) 4.41%
Larry Donnell (NYG) 3.75%
Tyler Eifert (CIN) 3.46%
Travis Kelce (KC) 2.63%
Kyle Rudolph (MIN) 2.26%
Charles Clay (BUF) 1.42%
Josh Hill (NO) 1.34%
Vernon Davis (SF) 1.01%


Two teams accounted for just under half of all defenses drafted in this contest, with the Jets being owned by nearly one-third of all entries. The team had a decent game on Sunday against the Browns, with five takeaways and 17 fantasy points.

A relatively small number of entries look to be buoyed by MNF performances, with only 356 entries having the Eagles, Falcons, 49ers, or Vikings in their lineup.

Team % Owned
New York Jets (NYJ) 32.16%
Miami Dolphins (MIA) 17.16%
Seattle Seahawks (SEA) 7.41%
Carolina Panthers (CAR) 7.06%
Minnesota Vikings (MIN) 5.17%
Tampa Bay Buccaneers (TB) 3.13%
Oakland Raiders (OAK) 3.02%
Houston Texans (HOU) 3.00%
Cincinnati Bengals (CIN) 2.39%
Denver Broncos (DEN) 2.30%
Philadelphia Eagles (PHI) 2.13%
Green Bay Packers (GB) 2.08%
Kansas City Chiefs (KC) 1.99%
Buffalo Bills (BUF) 1.67%
Jacksonville Jaguars (JAX) 1.47%
St. Louis Rams (STL) 1.40%
Indianapolis Colts (IND) 1.03%

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