Drafting an NFL lineup

Drafting a lineup on FantasyDraft is simple. Once you’ve drafted your team, you can easily enter the lineup into additional contests as well.

Step 1: Choose the contest you would like to enter from the contest lobby and click “Enter”. You will then be taken to the draft page where you will begin the drafting process.
Step 1
Step 2: You can  choose 1 QB (quarterback), 2 RB (running backs), 2 WR (wide receivers), 1 TE (tight end), 2 Flex (RB,WR or TE), and 1 DST (Defense/Special Teams). Select the players that you want on your team, but be sure not to go over the $100K salary cap or your lineup will be invalid. As you draft, the remaining salary cap will automatically adjust.
TIP: You can choose to filter the player pool based on position, team, game, average fantasy points per game, or salary.
Step 2
Step 3: Once you’ve finished drafting, check your lineup status in the section located below your team. To make sure all of the requirements have been met, look for the word “VALID,” which will appear in green if your lineup is valid. Submit your lineup by clicking “PLAY” and confirm your entry by selecting “CONFIRM ENTRY”. Once you’ve confirmed, your lineup will be entered into the contest.
Step 3


Now that you know how to play, visit our lobby to find the right contest for you.


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