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FantasyDraft gives players the ability to enhance their experience by creating individual contests. The contest size and prize structure flexibility in our League contests separate us from the competition and give users more options when playing. When you create a contest, you decide the sport, slate, contest type and which users can join in on the fun with you.  In league contests, you can compete against two or more opponents at a time.

Step 1: From the “Contest Lobby”, click the “Create a Contest” button in the right-hand corner to open the Create a Contest modal. Select a sport, then choose a slate of games for your contest.

TIP: If you aren’t sure which games are included, click the slate and on the right you can view the different games.

League Step 1

Step 2: Select “League”, and then pick the opponent on the right. Selecting “Anyone” will make the contest public and any FantasyDraft user can join your contest. If you click the “Friends Only” button, you can send invites to friends via email to play in your private contest.League Step 2

Step 3: Next, select your contest size in the dropdown menu. You can challenge any number of players between 2 and 20, or go up to 40, 60, 80, 100 or 500. If you selected “Friends Only” in Step 2, you will be able to name your league.

League Step 3

Step 4: Choose the “Entry Fee” and “Prize Structure” from the respective dropdown menus. Depending on the entry fee chosen, your prize structure options can be: 3x Multiplier, 50/50, 9x Multiplier, Top #, or Winner Takes All. Once you select both an entry fee and prize structure, the PayoutZone will appear on the right.

If you are satisfied, click the blue “Create Contest” button at the bottom. You will then be taken to the draft room to pick your team! You want to be at the top of the PayoutZone, so draft wisely!

NOTICE: If you selected “Friends Only” in Step 2, you will be able to invite friends by typing in their FantasyDraft usernames or email addresses before entering the draft room. For fun, add some smack talk in the “Issue Challenge” box that will be emailed to them. You can also copy the link and send it to your friends manually or via social media.

Contest Link

Do you want to go up against just one friend?  Learn how to create a Head-to-Head contest.

Ready to get started? Create your own contest now.

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