The Toddfather Brings it Home

Baseball fans across the country tuned in last night to watch some of the top hitters in MLB take a swing at the Home Run Derby title.

The derby featured a different format than past years, featuring a head-to-head tournament-style competition. Each batter had a four minute clock to take as many swings as they could,  with a 45 second timeout that they could call at any point. Also, if the batter hit two homers 425 ft or more, they qualified for 30 seconds of bonus time.  This format made the event more entertaining and eliminated a lot of the down time from past seasons.

The first round of competition was intense.

Josh Donaldson was up against Anthony Rizzo, with Donaldson winning the battle 9-8. Prince Fielder was matched up against the hometown player Todd Frazier. While Fielder crushed an impressive 13 homers, the fans cheered Frazier on to a 14-13 victory. Manny Machado knew that to have a chance he had to come out swinging, and that’s what he did, crushing 12 bombs, but Joc Pederson came out hungry to win, and won this battle 13-12. Kris Bryant was matched up with homerun derby vet Albert Pujols who came out to prove that he still has it, defeating Bryant 10-9.

In the second round, Todd Frazier was matched up against Josh Donaldson. Donaldson was only able to hit nine homers this round, which made things much easier for Frazier. He took the victory 10-9.  The Joc Pederson and Albert Pujols matchup came down to the wire, where Pujols fell one bomb shy of Pederson, who took the 12-11 victory.

In the final round, Joc Pederson came out swinging, and seemed ready to serve Frazier and the city of Cincinnati the upset. Pederson knew that he had to put up a big number to have a chance, and he came out with 14 homers.  Unfortunately for Pederson, he was playing against a hitter in Todd Frazier that not only had the will to win, but had his entire hometown stadium cheering him on. With each home run that Frazier hit, the fans cheered louder and louder. It also helped that he had his brother pitching to him. Everything was aligned for him to win, and that’s what he did, crushing his 15th homerun right before the time ran out, giving him the walk off win at home in front of his fans.



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