FantasyDraft 101: Drafting an MLB Lineup

Drafting a lineup on FantasyDraft is simple.  Adding your lineup into multiple contests is also simple.

Step 1: Choose the contest you would like to enter from the contest lobby and click “Enter”. You will then be taken to the draft page where you will begin the drafting process.
Draft Step 1
Step 2: You are able to choose 2 pitchers, 3 infielders, 3 outfielders and 2 utility players, who can be either infielders or outfielders or one of both. You can choose to filter the player pool based on position, team, game, average fantasy points per game, or salary. The games are also clickable and will filter the player pool to show only players from those games. With $100K salary cap, it’s easier to select more of the players that you want on your team! Just don’t go over the salary cap or your lineup will be invalid!
TIP: Starting pitchers for the night will also be available in the player pool. These pitchers will have a check mark next to them in the player pool once the lineups have been published. Just make sure the “Probable Pitchers” box is checked under the Player Pool!
Draft Step 2
Step 3: Once your lineup is complete, check the lineup status under your team. Make sure all of the requirements have been met and it says “VALID” in green. Then click “PLAY” to submit your lineup. After you confirm the entry, your lineup will be entered into the contest.
Draft Step 3

If you want to enter this winning lineup into multiple contests, we have an easy way to for you to do that also!

Step 4: At the top of the page, click “My Lineups”. Select the “Entries” button at the bottom of your lineup to see the contests that lineup is in. In the modal that appears, on the right side you can choose the contests you would like to enter.
 Draft Step 4
Step 5: Once you’ve done this, a summary page will appear, showing you which contests you have selected, the number of entries chosen and the entry fees. Confirm your entry by clicking the blue button and you’re all done!
 Draft Step 5

Would you like to draft your team before making a decision on what contests to enter? Go to “My Lineups” and click “Create New Lineup”. From there you will be able to draft using the same process shown above.

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