Hope You Picked Heston

Giants’ pitcher Chris Heston

Giants’ pitcher Chris Heston had a great day yesterday, topping the fantasy charts with his monster line and helping his club breeze past the Astros, 8-1. Heston had a line of 1 ER, 2 H, 9 IP, 10 K, and W on the day, totaling 41.05 FPs, and cost players on FantasyDraft just $9,600. That’s some pretty good production from a player whose fantasy salary yesterday was pretty middle-of-the-road.

Heston outperformed White Sox pitcher Chris Sale, who posted a total of 37.60 FPs during the White Sox’ 4-2 win over the Brewers, and Cubs’ pitcher Jake Arrieta, who put up 37 FPs during the Cubbies’ 6-1 win over the Mets. These guys did live up to their salaries though, each costing over $16,000 yesterday. You expect production like this from them.

There were some other good pick-ups yesterday a little further down the list, including Mariners’ catcher Mike Zunino, Dodgers’ right fielder Andre Ethier, Athletics’ right fielder Josh Reddick, and Pirates’ 3B Josh Harrison. These guys each helped their respective teams pick up wins yesterday by delivering solid efforts, posting solid stat lines all the while (Seattle over San Diego 11-4, L.A. over Miami 11-1, Oakland over Boston 9-2, and Pittsburgh over Philadelphia, 7-2).

In other action around the league, the Cardinals took the win over the Indians, 8-3, the Tigers beat the Twins, 2-1, and the Blue Jays ran away with a W against the Orioles, 10-2. Toronto’s Encarnación and Donaldson were key during the win, each providing some firepower down the stretch to help the Jays pull away.

The Angels beat the Rockies 5-2, the Diamondbacks topped the Nationals 14-6, the Rangers fell to the Royals 7-6, the Reds beat out the Braves 4-3, and the Rays won game two of their series with the Yankees, 4-2.

Here are your top fantasy performers from yesterday:

Position Player Salary Fantasy Points
Pitcher Chris Heston $9,600 41.05 FPs
Pitcher Chris Sale $18,200 37.6 FPs
Pitcher Jake Arrieta $16,700 37 FPs
1st Base Edwin Encarnación $9,600 34 FPs
Catcher Mike Zunino $6,600 33 FPs
Right Fielder Mark Trumbo $8,000 32 FPs
Right Fielder Andre Ethier $7,200 30 FPs
Right Fielder Josh Reddick $7,200 29 FPs

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