Hawks, Grizzlies Each Take Game 2

After a lackluster performance in Game 1, the Hawks looked to tie things back up at home against the Wizards on Tuesday night. Atlanta started quickly, taking a 7-point lead heading into the half. Washington fought back, but without John Wall, they were not able to steal another one on the road. The Wizards lost their first game of the playoffs, 106-90. The series is now tied going to Washington.

With leader Mike Conley back in the lineup, the Grizzlies came out with more energy. They jumped out to an early lead and did not look back. Golden State tried to play catch up for most of the night, but with Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson struggling with their shots, they could never take the lead. The Grizzlies were able to tie the Warriors after two games and head to the Grindhouse for Game 3.

FantasyDraft Top Performers:

Paul Millsap did a little of everything to get the win for the Hawks. He dropped 18 points and added 11 boards and four steals to top the leaderboard with 48.25 fantasy points. Not too far behind was guard Bradley Beal (42.25 fantasy points). Without his backcourt mate, Beal scored 20 points and dished seven assists in the Game 2 loss.

Otto Porter was big again for Washington. For just $9,600, Porter was the steal of the night. He fell just short of a double-double with 15 points and eight rebounds, but added five assists and three steals for 39.50 fantasy points. Ramon Sessions also did a great job filling in for Wall, playing aggressively and scoring 21 points in 40 minutes.

Position Player Salary Fantasy Points
FC Paul Millsap $16,900 48.25
G Bradley Beal $14,300 42.25
FC Al Horford $15,500 41.5
FC Otto Porter $9,600 39.5
FC DeMarre Carroll $14,100 37.5
FC Zach Randolph $13,900 35.75
FC Draymond Green $16,300 34.5
G Stephen Curry $21,000 33.75


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