Wizards, Warriors win Game 1 in Second Round

The second round of the NBA Playoffs kicked off with the Hawks and Wizards in Atlanta. The Hawks came out hot, knocking down shots early to get take a 10-point lead into the half. But Washington ramped up on defense, and held Atlanta to only 35 points in the second half. The Wizards took another game on the road, 104-98.

On the opposite coast, the Warriors faced off against the Grizzlies in ORACLE Arena. Missing Mike Conley, Memphis struggled to defend at the guard position and were outscored the first three quarters. Golden State took Game 1 at home, where they rarely lose, 101-86.

FantasyDraft Top Performers:

John Wall played his way to the top of the leaderboard on Sunday. Wall scored 18 points and dished out a game-high 13 assists for 54.75 fantasy points in the win over Atlanta. Right behind him was Al Horford, who also had a double-double, with 53.25 fantasy points. However, his 17-point and 17-rebound performance was not enough to get his Hawks passed the Wizards.

Stephen Curry was a magician, as usual. He hit four shots from deep on his way to 22 points and added seven assists and four steals for 43 fantasy points. His fellow Splash Brother, Klay Thompson, had 18 points and six assists in the win (31.75 fantasy points).

Otto Porter stepped up in place of the injured Bradley Beal (40.75 fantasy points) and recorded a double-double in points and rebounds for Washington. He was the FantasyDraft steal of the night with no turnovers and some timely boards, totaling 27.75 fantasy points on the night.

Position Player Salary Fantasy Points
G John Wall $17,600 54.75
FC Al Horford $14,700 53.25
FC Paul Millsap $16,100 50
G Stephen Curry $21,200 43
FC Marc Gasol $17,600 41.25
G Bradley Beal $13,700 40.75
FC Zach Randolph $12,800 38.25
G Klay Thompson $14,900 31.75

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