Great Day For Value Picks

Stephen Vogt

Yesterday was a good day for making value picks in fantasy baseball, as three of the top ten performers cost less than $7,000.

Coming up with one of the biggest performances of the day was Athletics’ catcher Stephen Vogt, who posted 30 fantasy points during the A’s close 8-7 loss to the Twins yesterday. This was a great value, as Vogt cost FantasyDraft players just $6,600 yesterday.

Vogt finished second only to Giants’ pitcher Madison Bumgarner, who, at the price of $20,200, is expected to finish among the top of the pack with regularity. Bumgarner posted 30.70 FPs during the San Francisco 2-0 win with his line of 2 H, 7.1 IP, 6 K, 1 BB, and W.

Mariners’ pitcher Felix Hernandez and Astros’ pitcher Dallas Keuchel also performed about as well as expected in terms of fantasy, Hernandez posting a total of 29.55 FPs and costing $23,700 while Keuchel posted 27.80 FPs and cost players $15,500.

Of the rest of yesterday’s top performers, there were two others whom I would consider steals alongside Vogt. Cardinals 1B Mark Reynolds is certainly one of them, posting 27 FPs during his team’s 10-9 win. Reynolds was valued at just $6,000 yesterday, making him a great value.

But it was Phillies right fielder Jeff Francoeur who probably came as the biggest surprise, at least from a fantasy point of view. Francoeur was priced at just $3,900 yesterday and came up big for anyone who happened to take him, posting 25 FPs.

Picking up a guy like Francoeur is certainly a great deal, as it leaves a lot of salary cap space open for you to pick up a proven player who can earn you points day-in and day-out.

That’s the recap for today, hope you were able to get your hands on some steals.

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