Big Day For Kipnis

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Yesterday saw a nice batch of baseball games take place, including a 3-2 St. Louis win over Pittsburgh, a 13-3 Minnesota win over the Chicago White Sox, and a 10-7 Cleveland win over Toronto. Cleveland 2B Jason Kipnis played a major role in the win, posting four hits and one homer on the day.

The Phillies beat out the Marlins 6-2, the Braves shut out the Reds 5-0, and the Tigers came up with a win over the Royals. The Detroit win closed out a four-game series with Kansas City and came as the Tigers’ second victory during the stretch.

The Nationals came up with just one run against the Mets yesterday, but the lone score turned out to be enough to clinch the victory. The run came in the first inning, so maybe those guys could’ve just packed it up early.

The Orioles topped the Rays 4-2, the Astros beat out the Mariners 7-6, the Giants shut out the Angels, 5-0, and the Brewers beat the Cubs, 5-3. The victory was big for Milwaukee, as it sealed up the Brewers’ first series win of the year.

In another one-run game, the Dodgers took down the Diamondbacks, bringing L.A. now to 16 wins on the season.

The Yankees also picked up their 16th win of the year yesterday, shutting down the Red Sox 8-5, while the Padres beat the Rockies, 8-6.

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