Gurley Best RB in Draft?

UGA RB Todd Gurley Eludes a Defender with a Stiff-Arm

As most of the football world probably knows, there are two frontrunners at RB when it comes to the 2015 NFL Draft.

Todd Gurley, Georgia, and Melvin Gordon, Wisconsin, have both been touted by many a mock draft to be prime first-round material, and for good reason.

Gurley, perhaps the most athletic of the pair, has a powerful running style which he compliments with an ability to finesse his way out of would-be tackles. He can overcome defenders with a low shoulder, as well as utilize his speed and quick footwork to beat them to the outside. NFL teams love to get their hands on that type of ability.

But Gurley is coming off an injury to his left ACL that ended his season in 2014. It isn’t clear at the moment if this injury will weaken his ability to play professionally with the same athleticism he showcased in college.

On the other hand, Melvin Gordon is less of a risk for teams in regards to his health. Gordon is not coming off a season-ending injury, but rather a season that totaled him 2,587 yards rushing and notched him up in the record books for second-most single-season rushing yards in NCAA history.

But, as fans of the NFL know all too well, success at the collegiate level doesn’t always translate into success in the pros.

It is likely that both of these RBs will be selected in the first round when the draft begins a few days from now, but the question of which player will have more of an impact in the NFL will not be answered until they lace ‘em up in September.

Perhaps it will come down to which back is better suited to the system they wind up in. We’ll know in good time.

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