Pro Athletes in Social Media

Because professional athletes can make millions of dollars in salary and endorsements it can be easy to forget they are real people.  Many of these celebrity athletes might be more similar to you than you even realize.

This is part of the reason social media is so popular.  Fans like to feel connected with celebrities and know exactly what their favorite celebrity does throughout their day.

“Lebron James is watching the same football game I am!”… “Peyton Manning loves chicken parm subs?…me too!”  Fans love to feel a connection with those who they watch perform on TV.  But how does this affect the celebrity?  Some might think it’s a burden.

Many celebrities appear to be posting all the time whether it is thoughts on a game, what they are eating, how they feel, etc.  Some of them post so much you have to wonder how they have time to do anything else.  Some celebrities have others post for them, but many of them choose to post on their own, a task that has to be extremely time consuming for those who post so often.  And make no mistake, it is a competition. Similar to their fans, many celebrities want as many Twitter followers as possible, because this is a present-day symbol of social status.

If you watch sports programming on TV, they are now frequently referring to twitter posts from high profile athletes and celebrities.  It is considered newsworthy when two celebrities get into a “Twitter War.” Social media is becoming increasingly important for the reputation of sports figures.

We have come to a point where the effectiveness of an athlete’s social media presence directly correlates to how much money they are offered in endorsement deals.  The more engaging the celebrity, the more money brands will pay to have them endorse their products and services.  With that said, maybe posting the mundane is not so insane, but an on-schedule train to personal gain.

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